Graphic Novel Review: Doctors by Dash Shaw


by Dash Shaw

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This overall is a miss for me. The stilted and fractured nature of the story doesn’t lend itself to easy transition from panel to panel, and page to page; which is disruptive to the natural flow of reading. I agree this is sometimes desirable, but usually as a device in a long story to make you stop in think. Not in a short story, like this, that makes you stop. and. think. at every single panel.

And, despite what I would say is a clever use of iconographical colours, it is used too often, and too obviously. The comic is more about the colour placement than it is about story…and frankly, could we not have coloured this in any other way? There’s rarely respite from the thick heavy-laden colour — sometimes, I need the break!

I always say that the best comics either stem from a strong story, which doesn’t need art to illustrate the action; or, by strong art, which can tell the story regardless of the inclusion of text. This comic falls short on both counts. If it weren’t for the clever concept or the somewhat “clever” (although annoying) use of colour I’d call it a flop.

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