Academia Update

*Phew* It’s been quite a while since I actually just wrote a regular blog post. This is the first for this restructured blog.

And, the plan is that this won’t be the last.

One thing you might not know about me is that I’m a HUGE fan of academia. I love research — especially the process of research. This was a major problem for me when I completed my first undergrad; I often got lost in the research and would be late to hand in papers usually resulting in poor grades.

And, it’s because of these poor grades that I’m BACK at university trying to do a bit of upgrading before I apply for Grad School.

In the meantime, I’ve really fallen off of the academic wagon. It has been incredibly difficult to go back. To get into that mind set. To remember HOW to school. Did you know that it is much easier to write an essay after writing an outline? These are the things you forget after 10 years twiddling your thumbs.

So, now that I am back… I want to get REALLY back.

That means research.

And, the best thing (besides researching for my class assignments) is to research for my favourite past time, i.e. manga.

So, after that tedious introduction, what I really just wanted to say is that I hope to start doing self-guided academic studies on specific manga-related topics and writing about it here. Sometimes I’ll just discuss an article that I’ve read, and sometimes present my findings into a particular topic.

I’ve also planned to create annotate bibliographies that might aid anyone else who is interested in similar topics.

Hopefully this little project that I’ve decided to start won’t actually interfere with my actual academic progress… after all, I don’t want to complete yet ANOTHER undergrad.


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