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This week’s T5W is sure to ruffle some feathers. The question is to list 5 books you will never read for any particular reason. This could be a book that you don’t think you’ll like, a book you’ve been spoiled for or, even a book that promotes ideas you don’t agree with…  There are as many reasons not to read a book as there are to read a book.

But, even with all of these reasons, I can’t say with confidence that I’ll never read any particular book. I can say however, that at this time, there are a number of titles that I really really don’t want to read; and that it will take a lot of convincing to change my mind.

So, here’s my top 5 lists of the most popular books I really really don’t want to read… Let the negativity begin!


1.Harry Potter (all the sequels) / by J.K. Rowling


Now, before you organize a lynching… just know that Harry Potter came out the summer I had graduated from high school. I was essentially a “non-reader” at the time and the thought of reading children’s literature was particularly repulsive.

I don’t have that childhood nostalgia that most fans can claim.

Also, I don’t hate Harry Potter, I’m just not interested in reading it.

I’ve read the first novel after prodding from a friend/Potter-head who claimed it was essential to my education. I’ve also seen the movies. Again, at the request of yet another friend/Potter-head.

That was enough.

No, I’m still NOT interested.

I think it’s just a natural aversion to anything that’s popular. I don’t care about Harry Potter. I agree the series has done great things — it’s raised an entire generation of readers, but I just wasn’t one of them.


2. 50 Shades of Grey / By E. L. James


I try not to be too influenced by people. But, I’ve just not heard anything good about this. Not. One. Thing. And, I can’t imagine that everyone I know hating a series would translate into me loving it.


3. The Hunger Games / By Suzanne Collins


I’ve been told to read this series many times. Adding to the claim that the controversial element of children killing each other is an apparently new concept in YA literature. (It’s not, by the way!)

By the time this came out, the concept was already old-hat. Particularly if you were already a fan of the Battle Royale Franchise.

Why would I read something when there’s obviously already something far superior in the market? (I’m assuming)


4.  Lord of the Rings / By J. R. R. Tolkien


Another popular and beloved series. I was aware of Tolkien back in the early 1990s when I was given an animated version of The Hobbit for a birthday present. As a 10 year old, I hated that movie. No, I really really hated it.

When we studied The Hobbit in 7th grade English I remember miming hanging myself during class. A bit obnoxious…but, you know…everyone’s obnoxious in grade 7. Right?!

I have since learned that it’s not just Tolkien that I don’t care for. It’s actually high fantasy in general that I have the aversion to. And since Tolkien is the basis for much of the genre…

I don’t get it. And, frankly, I don’t want to.


5.  The Book Thief / by Markus Zusak


This title is the one I’m least familiar with. I’ve only been aware of it since I started watching Booktube videos about a year ago. And, on Booktube it is well loved. But, despite the wide love of this title it sounds like a somewhat ‘serious’ (i.e. not a comedy) title set during the 2nd world war. I like to read serious titles, and I don’t mind books set during war… but, serious titles set during a recent named war are an automatic red-flag for me.

I didn’t live that particular war (obviously). But, I haven’t forgotten it. Not when I’ve been witness to what experiencing the war did to some of my favourite relatives. I don’t need any extra reminders of the serious-nature of war.


This post was written in response to T5W (Top 5 Wednesday). T5W is a group on Goodreads that hosts weekly book list memes. Interested in joining?  Click here.


11 thoughts on “5 Books I Will Never Read | T5W

  1. harasnicolereads says:

    The Hunger Games aren’t anything spectacular, but the first two were pretty good. It’s Mockingjay that ruined it all, especially with how it ended.


  2. Krystallina says:

    You aren’t alone! I agree with most of these choices. I’ve read the first volume of The Hunger Games, and I would read the other two if I acquired them. Harry Potter, on the other hand, is too long and long been spoiled.

    I also agree that things being popular kind of ruin things. It’s not that I’m trying to be a hipster, but when soooo many people hype about something, it builds my expectations too high


  3. Michael J. Miller says:

    I ADORE how counter-cultural your list is! You’re steering clear of a great many cultural touchstones (and it is especially warranted in the case of ‘Fifty Shades’ as it unapologetically romanticizes emotional/sexual abuse) and I think that’s intriguing. Granted, I’ve read and love Harry Potter and the Hunger Games series myself but I think it’s great that you aren’t being swayed by the mainstream mindset. Go you!


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