October Manga Reading Wrap-Up

My wrap-up for reading in October. I read a lot. I finally am starting to feel like I’m getting my regular reading pace back. In previous years I would read twice as much in a month. It’s hard to get back to that pace.

I would say that I’ll be back to my old reading self soon, but November will be significantly leaner – it’s been a hard month. Which means I’m spending my time doing other things besides reading.

Plus, my sister has decided that she & I should start a second channel together, dedicated to our second favourite thing: crafting. Actually, mostly “planning”. So, looking at that is also taking up a significant portion of my time.

I probably won’t be doing full wrap-ups starting next year. This is just too long. When you go to the video (if you go the video) I’ve time stamped all of the manga I talk about in the video in the description box on Youtube which you can use to only hear me talk about specific titles. Hopefully that will help. I’ve read quite a variety of things (old and new + various demographic reads). Enjoy.


Manga I talk about in this video:

  • Start with a Happy Ending, 1 / Risa Motoyama
  • Behind the Scenes, 2 / Bisco Hatori
  • Classical Medley, 1-2 / Sanae Kana
  • Color of Rage / Seisako Kano & Kazuo Koike
  • Flower in a Storm, 1-2 / Shigoyoshi Takagi
  • Flowers & Bees, 1-2 / Moyocco Anno
  • Fragments of Horror / Junji Ito
  • Hell Baby / Hideshi Hino (horror)
  • I Am a Hero, 1 / Kengo Hanazawa
  • Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear, 1 / Masume Yoshimoto
  • Lycanthrope Leo, 1 / Kenjo Kaji
  • Maid War Chronicle, 1-2 / Ran
  • Meteor Prince, 1-2 / Meca Tanaka
  • Naruto, 1-15 / Masashi Kishimoto
  • Oh, My Brother!, 1-2 / Ken Saito
  • Papillon, 1-6 / Miwa Ueda
  • Skip Beat!, 37 / Yoshiki Nakamura
  • St. Lunatic High School, 1-2 / Majiko!
  • Sweet & Sensitive, 1-2 / Park Eun-Ah
  • The World I Create, 1 / Ayami Kazuma
  • Until the Full Moon / Sanami Mato

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