What Manga Will You Read?

I love readathons! My sister & I decided to try out this manga themed readathon that’s hosted by Immortalium on YouTube. Check out the video to find out what I’ll be choosing to read on January 8th!


Last-2-Weeks-Of-The-Year TBR

What kind of resolutions do you set for yourself? Usually in November I start planning my following year and planning what things I want to attempt to accomplish. I rarely accomplish all of my goals, but there are usually some stand-outs. This year I’ve not accomplished anything I’d originally planned to for 2016.

But, there is still one that is close to completion, and that’s my goodreads reading goal. I set my goal at 500 books, and at December  28th I’m currently sitting at 471 books read. If you’re starting to freak out at this point by the number, just remember that I primarily read manga. And manga I can read a lot of.

In fact, this is probably my slowest manga reading year in a decade!

My plan for the last 2 weeks of the year:

Read the remaining 2016 releases in my collection that I haven’t read yet:


Read the single title that gets the most comments on in my videos (because it happens to be visible in the background:


Read a lot of fluff because everything else I’m planning on reading seems like it’ll be mentally or emotionally exhausting:


It seems like a lot, but it should be possible. I can see myself just reading fluff until the end of the year and forgetting to finish my 2016 releases altogether… But, as long as I hit 500 by January 1st, I’ll count at least one of my resolutions a success!