My 2017 Reading Goals!

I have an ambitious goal of reading 750 books in the year 2017! Yes, that’s right, 750!

Now, that might seem crazy, but let’s just say my best reading year ever was 1420 books… Does that bring you comfort, or do I seem even a bit more crazy?


The Plan:

  • Read 750 books. A book is anything with an ISBN, or anything written in sequence contained between 2 covers. I will count 10 page novellas, or 2000 page omnibus as 1 book.
    • 50% have to be first time reads. I’m a furious re-reader. And if I don’t push myself to read new things, I could spend the year only re-reading.
    • 24+ must be prose (anything that doesn’t use sequential graphics to tell the story). Might include poetry or non-fiction works as well.
    • 12+ must be graphic novels from other countries. This includes Korea even though the form is very similar in Korea to Japan.

I have some additional criteria that I’m going to attempt to read. First of all, I’m creating a TBR jar. So that every month I am going to pick out 4 things that I have to read:

  • A classic novel/manga duo. I’ve chosen 12 books that I think will pair with manga and make the dual-reading experience more interesting.
  • A long(ish) manga series that I own most of, but have read less than 50% of. I’ve chosen 12 series that aren’t high priority reads for me. Because I know I wouldn’t normally pick them up to read, I want to make them a higher priority.
  • A work by Osamu Tezuka. I have a lot of Tezuka in my collection. Many of the titles I’ve read, but more I haven’t. It would be a shame as a manga hoarder to let the god of manga down by only owning his books.
  • A work that I haven’t read before from a specific bookshelf. This may seem cryptic, but I am going to number my bookshelves, and put the numbers into the TBR jar. Every month I will draw a number and read a book/series that I haven’t read before off of the corresponding shelf. I suspect there’s at least something on every shelf that I haven’t read yet.  If I’ve read everything on the shelf, I’ll read the title that I haven’t read in the longest time.

I also have some quarterly goals:

  • I have chosen 4 authors that I want to get to know better. I’m going to focus 3 months on reading all of the works that I own, and possibly purchasing the works that are available and reading them in each quarter of the year.


I have lots more reading goals and other types of personal goals for 2017. I like to make goals, and find that the beginning of the year is the best time to decide what you want to do with your time.

I know what I’ll be doing with my time… How about you? Any reading goals for 2017?


5 thoughts on “My 2017 Reading Goals!

  1. Takuto's Anime Cafe says:

    Woah, that 750 goal seems like a breeze compared to the all time best of 1420. Still, good luck with that. As for me, I just need to finish the few series that I already own and actually read them from start to finish, those namely being Pandora Hearts, Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, Orange, and A Certain Scientific Railgun. Ideally, I’d like to pick up a few more non-manga books, like Bakemonogatari and The God’s Lie.


    • Laura (ローラ) says:

      Right! haha. If this year is anything like the last, I’ll be dropping my goal before the end — but, I always feel really ambitious in the New Year. Good luck with finishing your series — it always feels like such an accomplishment when you can cross another series off your list!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Alexandria D. says:

    Girl, you are awesome! I’m glad to be following this blog!

    Tezuka is great. I’ve read a few of his manga: Dororo, The Princess Knight, Apollo’s Song, and Buddha. I highly recommended Buddha!

    Good luck on your 750 books. I’m sure you’ll get it done. 😉


    • Laura (ローラ) says:

      Thanks! I’m trying to blog more this year as well, we’ll see how it goes!
      Tezuka is wonderful — I enjoy everything he writes. But there are some strange ones. Just read Mysterious Underground Men… weird.
      I made a TBR jar for 2017. Buddha was one of the titles I pulled out for February. Looking forward to reading it, finally!
      Thank you!! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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