February Manga TBR

I’ve decided to participate in a new YouTuber’s channel, YuriInRealLife‘s, challenge of reading 1 manga a day for the month of February. The quantity isn’t difficult, but I’m actually struggling right now to make time every day for reading manga… This is just the challenge I needed right now to get my reading back on track!

I’m incorporating this challenge into my personal challenge/TBR jar challenge. I made 6 colour categories for manga and will be choosing books from each category every month to hopefully read and review that same month… although maybe the reviews will be postponed to the following month. I hope that this will help me to make it through some of my back log.

The 6 colour categories:

Pink: Read a longer series of 11+ volumes that you’ve read less than half of. I’m going to be drawing 2 from this category every month — hopefully this will help me get through my massive backlog.

Yellow: Read a new 2016 release that you purchased, but didn’t read in 2016.

Green: TBA

Orange: Read your bookshelves. I numbered the papers 1 t0 54 to correspond to my primary manga book shelves and will draw one number every month. I will read at least 1 series from the bookshelf to feature in an upcoming review.

Blue: Read Osamu Tezuka. I will read 1 title/series that I own by Tezuka every month… again, for an upcoming review.

This is going to be an interesting experiment — but, I’m very happy for my first month’s selections.


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