Another Manga Tag Video!

If you watch manga-tubers on YouTube you’ll know that there are a lot of TAG videos going around. Basically these are video memes…and you can tag other manga-tubers to also make the same video…

This one was created by AloofDragons a few weeks ago where I answer the questions:

  1. What are you reading right now?
  2. What is your guilty pleasure manga?
  3. Have you ever cried reading a manga? Do you remember which volume?
  4. What is a manga you like in a genre you don’t normally ever read?
  5. Pick. Seinen, shoujo or shounen?
  6. What is your favorite manga world? Why?
  7. Most underrated series that you own.
  8. What is a series that you don’t own but want the most in your collection/want to start collecting?
  9. Do you have a manga with a favorite spine aesthetic?
  10. Unread series on your shelf that you’re most looking forward to reading.

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