My TOP 12 Favourite SHOUJO MANGA

This is a pretty self-explanatory video. I love shoujo manga — and as much as I try to be non-biased about the types of titles I read, I probably pick-up shoujo manga the most. This is a list of my favourite titles. These aren’t the most popular titles, and many of them are out of print. But, they’re titles that I can’t help but be drawn to over and over again.


Books mentioned in this video:

  • Tail of the Moon by Rinko Ueda
  • Palette of 12 Secret Colors by Nari Kusukawa
  • Mars by Fuyumi Soryo
  • V. B. Rose by Banri Hidaka
  • Itazura na Kiss by Kaoru Tada
  • High School Debut by Kazune Kawahara
  • Marmalade Boy by Wataru Yoshizumi
  • Cipher by Minako Narita
  • Skip Beat! by Yoshiki Nakamura
  • The Name of the Flower by Ken Saito
  • Red River by Chie Shinohara
  • Love So Life by Kaede Kouchi
  • Beauty is the Beast by Tomo Matsumoto



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