Manga Reading Challenge 2018

I’ve decided to create a reading challenge for myself in 2018. This is somewhat inspired by the reading challenge that my sister and I created for our 2017 Manga-thon.

Want to play along? A link at the bottom of this page will take you to a printable PDF.


  1. A meta manga (Any manga that also features manga in it.)
  2. A battle manga
  3. A horror manga
  4. A comedy manga
  5. A romance manga
  6. A 4-koma manga (This is a specific comedy format. 4-panels are stacked on top of each other reminiscent of comic strips)
  7. A historical manga
  8. A martial arts manga
  9. A sports manga
  10. A foodie manga
  11. A mecha manga
  12. A josei manga (This is a manga that was specifically marketed to an adult female audience)
  13. An out-of-print manga
  14. A hyped manga
  15. A gekiga or alternative manga (Any title that doesn’t fit into the mainstream of manga would work for this one.)
  16. A nonfiction manga
  17. A borrowed manga
  18. A western/steam-punk manga
  19. A space/science fiction manga
  20. A harem/reverse-harem manga
  21. A contemporary/slice-of-life manga
  22. A thriller/mystery manga
  23. An OEL “manga” (OEL stands for Original English Language. Any “manga” or manga-inspired comic book or graphic novel that wasn’t written in Japanese would work for this challenge.)
  24. A digital only/or digital-first release manga (This refers to legally licensed digital releases available through the English publisher. Please do not read scans for this challenge.)
  25. A translated manga, where the title was not changed from Japanese
  26. A manga that features a character with a disability
  27. A manga that features a transforming character
  28. A manga that features siblings
  29. A manga features a character with super-powers
  30. A manga that features non-human characters
  31. A manga that features gods or monsters
  32. A manga that features a female main character
  33. A manga that features an LGBT+ character (Bonus: written by an LGBT+ author)
  34. A manga set in a country outside of Japan
  35. A manga that you’ve owned for over a year
  36. A manga that is older than you
  37. A manga by 2+ authors
  38. A manga with a 1-word title
  39. A manga with a colour in the title
  40. A manga from an author you like
  41. A manga recommended to you
  42. A manga from a genre you rarely/never read from
  43. A new to you author
  44. A collection of short stories
  45. A hardcover release
  46. A 2018 release (volume 1)
  47. Read the manga/watch the anime
  48. A manhwa/manhua
  49. Catch-up on or complete a series
  50. A light novel (This is a genre of Japanese fiction that has close ties to the manga industry. Usually published as a serial, and often featuring the same stories and characters as the manga or anime.)
  51. A comic/graphic novel from another country (Manga only represents Japan’s comic book traditions. Don’t forget to check out the great work coming out of other countries!)
  52. Your favourite manga


  1. 2+ series by the same translator
  2. A manga in original Japanese
  3. 3+ series by the same author
  4. An omnibus/single-volume over 500 pages
  5. An award winner

Want to play, too? Get the printable PDF here: Manga Hoarder’s 2018 Manga Reading Challenge.  And use the hashtag #readmanga18 on social media.


  • Change the challenges to work for you
  • Choose the challenges you want to complete
  • Read 1 book to satisfy multiple challenges if you want to
  • Read other formats of books (you don’t have to only read manga)!

Really just participate how what you want. The only thing I ask is that you don’t read scanlations for these challenges. Let’s protect the industry we love by choosing not to participate in illegal and damaging behaviours.