10 Reading Plans & Goals for 2018

I’ve already talked a little bit about my plans for this blog, but I also wanted to talk a little about my other goals (mostly reading) for 2018.

ONE. Read Less (and not worry about it).

In the past I’d average about 1000+ manga read in a year. But, my reading has changed, and I don’t have the time or the inclination to read that much anymore. It was fun to go for a number goal, but this no longer important. Instead, I’m interested in reading broadly, and picking up titles I just want to read. I’ve set my GoodReads goal at 100 books, which will let me track what I’m reading throughout the year, but take away the stress of having to reach a certain number.

TWO. Get back to the shelf challenge.

This was a challenge that my sister and I had posed on ourselves in 2017, but had fallen off course during the summer. It’s a way to choose books for ourselves to read every month, and showcases our collection on YouTube. We randomly select a shelf from our manga room every month, and then construct our TBR from that shelf. I really like this challenge as it narrows my focus to certain manga I may have been neglecting, while also giving me the freedom to read something that I might actually be in the mood for.

THREE. Participate in fewer readathons.

I participated in tons of readathons last year. Some I was very successful at, and some, not so much. I was finding, especially closer to the end of the year, that I was over-doing it. As much as I like participating in readathons, I just don’t have the time to dedicate to reading that much every month. So, I will be participating in less. I’m hoping, no more than 6.

FOUR. Host the Manga-thon in June.

I created a readathon last year that I hosted in July with my sister focusing on reading manga. We were pleasantly surprised by how well received it was. We had a lot of fun doing it, so we’re excited to do it again. There will be a few changes to the readathon, based off of some suggestions we received last year.

If you are interested in co-hosting with us next year, or want to host your own “event” during the readathon, please send me an email!

FIVE. Stop buying other books.

I have had a rule for a long time, that the only books I was allowed to buy before I read them were classic fiction or manga. I broke that rule a few times this year as I was looking for titles to fulfill readathon challenges, or just getting too caught up in the hype. I absolutely regret every single one of those purchases… I will be getting back to my strict collecting plan.

It’s not actually that strict. It just will go back to being required to borrow and read a book from the library before I’m allowed to buy it. I do make allowances for our local “library sale” that happens once a year. But, I’m usually buying books for $2… I don’t feel quite as bad about my buying at that price.

SIX. Buy Less Manga.

I’m not buying less because there is less I want to own. But, just that I have to be practical with my budget. I have some other things that I want to be doing with my money (mostly home repair… ugh, boring…) next year, which requires dipping into my manga portion of my budget. My budget has to decrease. And this in turn means less manga.

I’m also going to try and do a bit of concentrated purchasing and actually hunt down a few out of print titles that I’ve been meaning to read. I still refuse to pay more than cover price for manga, so this will be difficult, but I want to be a bit more deliberate with my collecting this year. I’ll still be adding a lot of manga to my collection, it’s just going to be slightly different this year.

SEVEN.  Read 12 specific titles/authors in 2018.

I’ve created a list of 12 categories that I want to read in 2018. They’re titles that are either older, and I just haven’t gotten to them; are bodies of work by a single author who I haven’t read from yet; or are brand new releases that I really want to finish. I’ve already made a YouTube video about this if you’re interested. But, I’ll probably also include a list here in a few days.

EIGHT. Read my new releases 2017-2018.

I don’t like to get too far behind in reading my new books. I like to at least have an idea of the stories that I’m currently collecting. So, I do have a yearly goal to read the first volume of all of the new releases that I’ve bought (or am buying) within a year of buying them. I would also like to review all of these new titles either here, or on YouTube or both.

NINE. 52 Manga Reading Challenge.

I’ve created a year-long challenge with 52 reading prompts to participate in. I’ve also made a YouTube video about it. I sort of made this because I am reducing the number of readathons I am participating in, but still wanted to participate in challenges. Plus, the readathons and challenges that I have been participating in really didn’t cater to reading manga in any way. I made this to challenge my own reading, but you are certainly welcome to participate as well if you would like. The link can be found at the top of any page of this blog.

TEN. Unwrapping Novels TBR Challenge.

Something I haven’t mentioned on my YouTube videos, is that I have created a TBR of prose fiction and non-fiction to read over the course of 2018. I only read about a dozen non-graphic works last year and I’d like to read more. So, I went through my TBR shelves, pulled out about 35 books and wrapped them in 3 different wrapping papers. Each paper indicates a different category: non-fiction, classic fiction, and literary fiction/modern classics. I am going to unwrap books to read randomly. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to unwrap monthly, or quarterly but, I think it will be a fun way to read some of the books I’m still very interested to read — or finally give up on certain titles.


So, that’s everything that I’m planning on doing with my reading in 2018. And just think… these are just my resolutions about reading.

I love making resolutions at the beginning of the year — even if I tend to fail at most of them. With the few that I don’t fail — it’s just so satisfying to actually achieve something that I had actually planned on doing.

Will you be making reading resolutions for 2018?

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