Manga TBR Shelf #3

Every month (or so) I randomly choose a bookshelf from my manga room to read the manga from. There are only about 2 shelves out of around 60 that I’ve read every single volume of manga on. I read a lot of manga, but you’d be surprised by how much a person can own without reading it. In Japanese it’s called “tsundoku!”

This project has been forcing me to revisit some of these books that have sitting the longest on my shelves – it’s been great visiting some old forgotten gems.

This month, I’ve chosen bookshelf #3 which is actually the first bookshelf in the “standard” size manga (like “Naruto”). I have to shelve my books by size to make it possible to get them all into their bedroom. Unfortunately I’m at a point in my collecting life where I’ve run out of space. Manga is now spilling into other bookcases in my house… and many of them are just being stacked on the floor… In Japanese this is called “Tsundoku Buried Alive!” hehe.


The following titles are on shelf #3 and are going to be the main selections that I read over the next month. You’ll probably be seeing many of these again in future posts!



I haven’t read most of these manga, yet. And I’m not planning on having them all read by the end of the month. But, I will be making a good dent in them:

  • 07 ghost 1-3
  • 7 Billion Needles 1-2
  • 12 Days 1
  • 50 Rules for teenagers 1 
  • 888 1
  • Abenobashi Magical Shopping Arcade 1-2
  • Absolute Boyfriend 1-6
  • Afterschool Nightmare 10
  • A.I Love you 1
  • Aishiteruze Baby 1-7
  • Ai Yori Aoshi 1-9 11-13 17
  • AJin 1-8
  • Akihabara At Deep 1, 2-5
  • Akira 1
  • Alice 19th 1-7
  • Alive The final Evolution 1, 2-8
  • Ancient Magus Bride 1, 2-7
  • Angel Sanctuary 1, 3-4
  • Anomal
  • Apollo’s song 2
  • Aquarium
  • Arata 1-3

I’ve crossed off the titles/volumes that I’ve already read. These are primarily the titles that I own. The ones that aren’t crossed off are the titles I haven’t read, and are primarily the titles my sister owns, except for Akihabara@Deep (which I started, but didn’t continue because I found it boring), Angel Sanctuary (which I started, but couldn’t read because I don’t own the next volume), Akira the Animanga (which I just bought last year, so haven’t had a chance to read it yet), … and I think 888 is mine as well, but I can’t remember (it’s in a spreadsheet somewhere).

Of everything I haven’t read, I think I’m most interested in 888, 7 Billion Needles (I wish we had volume 3-4), and AJin.


Have you read any of the manga on Shelf #3?

Which manga are on your TBR this month?


12 thoughts on “Manga TBR Shelf #3

  1. I have only read 07 GHOST of these. Love it dearly. Right now I reading or planning to read Land of the lustrous, Welcome to the ballroom, Of the red, the light and Ayashi, Fire Punch and The promised neverland. I’ll most likely read more but these are new ones I just got or are on their way here. Ugh, I have too many going on.

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      • The art in Land of the Lustrous is absolutely gorgeous. That alone is a reason for me to read it. I started to read it yesterday and so far it’s really interesting. I’ll buy vol 2 for sure.

        I saw the anime of 07-GHOST before I read the manga. I wasn’t satisfied and that’s why I bought the manga. I wanted more of the holy war and the hunt for Teitos past and explanations what wa going on. It manages to keep you interested all the way through which is nice. And magical elements, I love those.


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