TBR Unwrapping #2

I’d written a previous post where I talked about wrapping up my books in wrapping paper, and selecting titles randomly to read over the year. I had originally planned on making this a video series, but have since decided not to. I may talk about my prose reading on my YouTube some time in the future, but I don’t think this will be part of it… at least not this year.

But, I am still going forward with this project.

In September I wrapped up 35 books (mostly novels) in wrapping paper. In January I unwrapped 6 of them:

I’ve since read:

The goal is to keep unwrapping 6 books every other month, and to read at least 3 of the books before moving on to the next unwrapping.

At the end of this (in December), I want to have read at least 20 prose novels (and some non-fiction). I haven’t been reading as much prose, but I still have been buying some, and getting some as gifts from friends & family. I have quite a few books on my shelves that I haven’t read yet. So, I’m making an attempt to clear some of that up.

At this point, I’ve already read 6 novels, so I’m very hopeful for how things are going to go!

As much as I want to read the remaining books on my TBR, I also want to get into a perpetual state of reading motion. So, I’m going to leave behind the other unread books for now (unless I have a demanding need to pick them up) and pick some more books.

DSC00214bI’ve chosen the next 6 books from my TBR. The Blue/Green paper represents non-fiction, the Red/Brown flower paper are classics (anything written before 1910) and the Colourful geometric papers are everything else.

Here’s what I’ve picked for the next 2 months:


jane austenLady Susan. The Watsons. Sanditon / by Jane Austen

I’m mostly interested in reading Lady Susan, as I’ve actually read the other two “short stories”. Basically they are incomplete beginnings to two novels. Lady Susan is the last novel of Jane Austen’s for me to read. It is a very short epistolary story, and so much different than her others. But, I hear it is bitingly witty.

i am a catI am a Cat / by Natsume Soseki

I picked up this novel after reading Soseki’s “Botchan” last year. It wasn’t my favourite novel, but it was an interesting look into Japanese culture. And, I’ve definitely been interesting in reading more Japanese fiction since then. [I actually have a very hazy plan to read exclusively Japanese fiction in 2019. I still have 10 months to decide… but it sounds very tempting!]


jane austen bioJane Austen / by Carol Shields

I have heard very good things about this short biography by Nobel Prize winning author, Carol Shields. I found it at a second hand sale a couple years ago now, so I’m surprised I haven’t read it… considering how big of a Jane Austen fan I am.

valezquezThe Vanishing Valazquez / by Laura Cumming

I won an arc copy of this title in a GoodReads giveaway. And, it’s actually a title I’m interested in reading, especially since there may be a conversation about collecting and obsession in it. I’ve been looking at that relationship quite closely these days.

General Fiction:

rebeccaRebecca / Daphne Du Maurier

Since it is represented so often in popular culture, I have a feeling I already know what this novel is about. I really would like to read it, but because it’s so long, this probably is the least likely of the list to get read in the next 2 months. But, who knows if I’ll been in the mood later on.

bamarreThe Two Princesses of Bamarre / by Gail Carson Levine

I’ve read Levine’s “Ella Enchanted” and “Fairest” which are wonderful middle-grade fantasy stories. Levine crafts wonderful imaginative stories which are appropriate for that tween age reader… which is great because I’m an aunty to a couple of tweens who like to read, and who I can share my books with when I’m done with them.


I still have no idea what I’ll end up reading. I’m just going to put them on my nightstand and let nature take its course! haha!

Have you read any of these? Is there a title you’d recommend I start with?

2 thoughts on “TBR Unwrapping #2

    • It was really bad! lol! I really would only recommend it if you’re a fan of Kio Shimoku, since there are a handful of drawings in it by him.
      But also, I’m pretty inexperienced when it comes to light novels, so it just might not be a form that’s “for me”.


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