Project Learn Japanese | Update no.2 | Feb 2018

I’m FINALLY getting into the self-study that I had talked about earlier. It’s taken me a bit longer to finally get “to it.” I’ve had so many other competing priorities this year and a lot of external pressures, so it’s been difficult to fit this in. But, I’ve squirreled away a little dedicated study space in my house (my kitchen table), and am now getting down to business! […to defeat… the huns…]

03.03 messy studying

I’m saving the vocab review for April. Until then, I’m going through all of the chapters in my two volumes of Minna no Nihongo. I’ve got the accompanying grammar and notes book, which I’m using to fill a blank notebook. It’s laid out really well for my needs. (but overall I don’t actually recommend this book unless you’re using it as a class text)

I’m writing out the grammar point & highlighting it, writing their example sentence(s), and then creating 3 or 4 of my own example sentences using the same point. I’m not taking much in the way of actual notes though. Seeing the constructed sentences are sometimes enough to get the point across.

I’m also going through the book and creating flashcards for all of the vocab that I don’t know, or might get wrong if I hear the word out of context. I’m hoping that I’ll be done going through these books by the end of March, and so April I will start officially studying for the JLPT, studying the flashcards I’ve just constructed, and reviewing the kanji.

At this point, I’m not sure I’ve learned anything new. But, I’m glad to be getting this much-needed review!


New Japanese Materials:


I had to replace the Kodansha’s furigana Japanese-English dictionary. On my first day of classes I accidentally spilled pop all over my bag which ruined my original dictionary. I’ve had that dictionary for years… and absolutely love it. If you’re in the market for a Japanese-English dictionary, this is THE one you want. (there’s also a reverse English-Japanese dictionary available which can be useful too)

You will need to know how to read kana to look up any words. But, you really should be doing that before you start learning Japanese anyway.

I’m just so glad I was able to replace this!

Hopefully by the end of March I’ll be on track to start studying for the JLPT. It’s been going really well for the last few weeks, so hopefully this is something I’ll be able to sustain for the long term and actually achieve a decent level of fluency…

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