#ReadManga18 | Update no.2 | Feb 2018

I thought I had posted this already! I’m a bit late in putting this together. But, this is the next batch of titles that I’ve read for my #ReadManga18 yearly reading challenge that I am hosting. I think there are still a few of you who are participating with me as well. If you’ve been posting about this challenge, please leave a link down below so I can go and follow your progress.

absolute boyfriendChallenge #5 : A Romance Manga.

Absolute Boyfriend, volumes 1-6 by Yuu Watase. 

This is a challenge to read any manga with romance in it. Since MOST manga have some romantic elements in them, I could have picked just about anything. I am also reading this as part of my monthly “shelf challenge”.

I’ve read this title before, but it’s not one that I pick up often. I think I’ve only read it 2 or 3 times. This is a shōjo manga from Viz’s Shojo Beat Manga imprint. It basically features a girl who is very unlucky in love. When she is feeling her lowest, she is given access to a secret website where she can buy “love” in the form of a human-like sex doll. In her haste to order, she ends up adding in every conceivable trait you’d wish for in a boyfriend… and ends up ordering a “super boyfriend”.

This new doll, which she names “Night” is given the task to gather data on girls to send back to his company which will help them develop even more dolls. Over the course of the series, he not only is able to gather data, but starts to become more-and-more human to the point of rebelling against his manufacturers.

Night’s appearance in her life, encourages her best friend/next door neighbour to confess his long harbored feelings for her. And with two seemingly perfect boys now in love with her, Riko can’t seem to choose between them.

This is a fun series, but probably my least favourite title from Yuu Watase. I have a difficult time sympathizing with a character caught in a love triangle.

Challenge #13: An Out of Print Manga. 

zodiac p.i. 1

Zodiac P.I., volumes1-4 by Natsumi Ando

This was published by Tokyopop in 2003, and is probably one of the very first manga that I ever bought. It’s probably also not been read since it was first released.

I’m glad I picked this up again. It was very cute, if a little young. This is a shojo manga about a 13-year-old Detective/Astrologist who uses a magic ring to solve crimes. When she knows the birthday of the victim of the crime, she calls on her ring, and out pops a “fairy” type character associated with that astrological sign. They show her images that help lead her to solving the crime.

This wouldn’t be complete without her partner, a boy that she was friends with when they were 4 years old. He is a genius, and already has a degree in criminal psychology from an American university, but is now back in Japan attending junior high… (I can never understand this scenario, and it’s a popular one in shōjo manga)

The conflict feels minimal, the crimes are solved relatively easily, and the main character is happy, athletic, and charges head-first into situations to help her friends. Overall this is just a very cute 90s shojo manga.

ajinChallenge 25: A translated manga where the title was not changed from the Japanese.

Ajin Demi-Human by Tsuina Miura and Gamon Sakurai

I’ve already written a fairly long response to reading this title, here. But, I will say that I did really enjoy it, and can’t wait to keep reading in the series.

The title Ajin is the original Japanese title. It literally translates to Demi-Human. The English title is just the Japanese title with the English translation appended to it, so this is why I have decided to use it to fulfill this challenge.

This is the story of the outbreak of a new type of human. Or a human possessed. A young boy is discovered as a demi-human, and so leaves his family and friends to escape the grizzly fate that is awaiting him.

It is quite gruesome in some parts, but there is so much going on, and it definitely leaves you thinking about things beyond the actual story. I’m very excited to pick up more volumes of this one.

Challenge #46: A 2018 Release.


Takane & Hana by Yuki Shiwasu

I was really looking forward to this title since some of my favourite shōjo romance manga feature the teen/adult romance dynamic. With this big of age gap, the situation always runs the risk of being inappropriate, but it’s something I’m always eager to read. Because sometimes, it’s perfect!

This unfortunately wasn’t my favourite. I didn’t think it was inappropriate, but I found the adult character to be childish and annoying. And that made me sad.

This is basically a story about a teenage girl who goes to a match-making meeting (omiai) in place of her elder sister. She ends up meeting the socially awkward, yet very wealthy Takane. And, there is something in her brazen attitude that Takane can’t leave alone.

It’s more of a comedy than a romance at this point, but I don’t particularly find these character types to be that funny.

genshikenChallenge #50: A Light Novel.

Genshiken by Kio Shimoku and Iida Kazutoshi

I’ve already written a review of this title, which you can read, here, if you’re interested.

This is not manga. It is a “prose” version using the characters from the Genshiken manga as inspiration. But I’d say it’s not effective at… well…anything.

It’s really one of the worst things I’ve read, which is saying a lot because I’ve read A LOT!

I didn’t think I was going to like the light novel that I chose for this category, so I’m not actually disappointed in it. And, I’m very glad that I have this category over and done with. It’ll be a while before I feel compelled to pick up another one.

So, that’s it! I’m feeling pretty happy about my progress. Also considering that this isn’t the only thing I’ve read over the last month. There are other things, for other challenges as well. I hope this reading momentum continues through the year.

February prompts are in Pink, below.


  1. A meta manga
  2. A battle manga
  3. A horror manga
  4. A comedy manga
  5. A romance manga Absolute Boyfriend / by Yuu Watase (Feb 2018)
  6. A 4-koma manga
  7. A historical manga
  8. A martial arts manga
  9. A sports manga
  10. A foodie manga
  11. A mecha manga
  12. A josei manga
  13. An out-of-print manga Zodiac P.I. / by Natsumi Ando (Feb 2018)
  14. A hyped manga
  15. A gekiga or alternative manga
  16. A nonfiction manga
  17. A borrowed manga
  18. A western/steam-punk manga
  19. A space/science fiction manga
  20. A harem/reverse-harem manga
  21. A contemporary/slice-of-life manga
  22. A thriller/mystery manga
  23. An OEL “manga”
  24. A digital only/or digital-first release manga
  25. A translated manga, where the title was not changed from Japanese Ajin Demi-Human / by Gamon Sakurai and Tsuina Miura (Feb 2018)
  26. A manga that features a character with a disability
  27. A manga that features a transforming character
  28. A manga that features siblings
  29. A manga features a character with super-powers
  30. A manga that features non-human characters
  31. A manga that features gods or monsters
  32. A manga that features a female main character Complex Age, v.1-6 / by Yui Sakama (Jan 2018)
  33. A manga that features an LGBT+ character (Bonus: written by an LGBT+ author)
  34. A manga set in a country outside of Japan
  35. A manga that you’ve owned for over a year
  36. A manga that is older than you
  37. A manga by 2+ authors Someday’s Dreamers / by Norie Yamada and Kumichi Yoshizuki (Jan 2018)
  38. A manga with a 1-word title
  39. A manga with a colour in the title
  40. A manga from an author you like
  41. A manga recommended to you
  42. A manga from a genre you rarely/never read from
  43. A new to you author
  44. A collection of short stories Clockwork Apple / by Osamu Tezuka (Jan 2018)
  45. A hardcover release
  46. A 2018 release (volume 1) Takane &  Hana by Yuki Shiwasu (Feb 2018)
  47. Read the manga/watch the anime
  48. A manhwa/manhua Chocolat v.1-8 / by Shin JiSang and Geo (Jan 2018)
  49. Catch-up on or complete a series
  50. A light novel Genshiken by Iida Kazutoshi & Kio Shimoku (Feb 2018)
  51. A comic/graphic novel from another country Werewolves of Montpellier by Jason (Jan 2018)
  52. Your favourite manga

8 thoughts on “#ReadManga18 | Update no.2 | Feb 2018

  1. Oh, that sex doll manga would have sounded so interesting less it hadn’t ended up in a love triangle. I look forward to the rest of your challenge and what you chose.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I reread Zodiac P.I. every now and then. The cases are ridiculous, but the idea of the ring was pretty nifty. The way they interact with Lily and the other spirits in the bonus comics were particularly fun.

    Absolute Boyfriend, though, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten through. I just remember her waffling too much.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Zodiac P.I. is very cute! The little astrological signs remind me a lot of Little Snow Fairy Sugar or Shugo Chara.
      That’s a big problem in Absolute Boyfriend. It makes the entire “romance” unbelievable since she doesn’t even really make up her mind until the last volume…

      Liked by 1 person

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