The Power Couples Book Tag

I was tagged by Raquel at RADIODDBOOKS about a month ago. Go and check out her answers to this tag. She’s also participating in my #ReadManga18 challenge, and I’ve been super excited following her progress!

This is technically a Valentine’s Day tag, so the questions are “couples” related. If romance is not your thing… umm… then this is going to be a disappointing read!

ONE. A couple that share big passions and goals

Naoki and Kotoko from Itazura na Kiss by Kaoru Tada. This is a classic shojo relationship featuring a dynamic couple with completely opposing personalities and skills. Ditzy Kotoko has fallen for the Genius Naoki. When Naoki realizes he might have a passion to pursue medicine, Kotoko pursues Naoki all the way to nursing school. Though they get into medicine difference ways, they end up finding a common passion, and a dream to work together after graduation.


TWO. A couple that love and respect each other

In a way I can’t sympathize with Asuka and Ryu from Everyone’s Getting Married by Izumi Miyazono. On the surface, they love and respect each other… but then, as I think about it, maybe they don’t?? Asuka wants to get married and become a housewife, and Ryu never wants to get married. But, despite their difference they are drawn to each other. They both love each other, and in a way respect each other by acknowledging their differing opinions on the matter. But, at the same time, I can’t understand why she bothers with Ryu knowing what she wants. Of course, if Miyazono wants to write a happy ending into this story, the only resolution will lead to wedding bells. So, maybe Ryu “respects” Asuka because he secretly wants to get married too — he just won’t admit it, yet.


THREE. A couple that is stronger together than apart

Kanade and Arou from Land of the Blindfolded by Sakura Tsukuba share a unique power. Kanade has a mysterious power to see the future, and Arou can see the past when they touch someone. Both have learned to deal with this power differently, but when they discover each other, they become each others source of strength and are able to boldly walk into dangerous and awkward situations to help strangers and friends. Without each other, they would both be shrinking violets still struggling to cope with their strange powers. And because of their emotional connection their powers also begin to get stronger as the story progresses.

sland of blindfolded

FOUR. A couple that wholly supports each other

It starts off a bit rocky, but as Yuri and Kail in Red River by Chie Shinohara get to know each other, they develop a deep respect for each. Kail can see the potential in Yuri as the future leader of his people, and despite his desperate desire to keep her safe, locked away in his palace, lets her make her own decisions and places her in the dangerous position of military leadership. And Yuri, with her tenacity, and charisma does everything she can to help further Kail’s plans as a future king of Anatolia while suppressing some of her own needs. They’re probably my favourite couple in shojo manga.

sred river

FIVE. A couple that is genuinely cute together

Ageha and Yukari from V.B. Rose by Banri Hidaki are genuinely adorable together. At least, they are once they get over their mutual abhorrence. Their mutual love of beautiful things, Yukari a wedding dress designer and Ageha a handbag maker, draws them together. As they see the qualities in each other and become comfortable with each other they also become incredibly sweet with each other. Despite the fact that this was incompletely printed by Tokyopop, I still love to pick it up from time to time… because this couple is just too cute!


Since this was technically a Valentine’s Day tag, I’m not going to tag anyone. But, if you want to answer these questions yourself, please consider yourself tagged. If you do it, leave a link to your post below, so I can find you! ^ ^


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