Manga TBR Shelf #40 | from Pi to Ra

I mentioned in my previous TBR shelf post that I’m creating a monthly TBR (to be read) by randomly selecting shelves from my manga room. This month, I’ve chosen shelf number 40! This contains regular sized manga from Pi to Ra.

This is one of those strange shelves where many of the series are incomplete. Several of these incomplete titles like Pieces of a Spiral are actually fairly new to the collection. They were picked up in the hopes that someday we’ll eventually be able to collect all of the volumes, and then eventually read them. But we’re not in any hurry.

I may decide to read a couple of the volume 1’s from these series, but when there are big gaps in the middle, I don’t force myself to continue.

You can see from the list below, that I’ve crossed off all of the titles/and volumes that I’ve already read. This is one of those shelves where there isn’t actually that much new for me to read. But, many of the titles like Pita-Ten, I probably haven’t read in over 10 years. So, this will be a month of re-reading, I think.

  • Pichi Pichi Pitch, 1, 2-5 / Pink Hanamori & Michiko Yokote
  • Pieces of a Spiral, 1-2, 4, 8 / Kaimu Tachibana
  • Pink Innocent, 1-2 / Kotori Momouyuki
  • Pita-Ten, 1-8 / Koge-Donbo
  • Pita-Ten Fan Book, 1-3 / Koge-Donbo
  • Pixie Pop, 1-3 / Ema Toyama
  • Platinum End, 1-2, 3 / Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata
  • Platinum Garden, 1-7 / Maki Fujita
  • Please Save My Earth, 1-21 / Saki Hiwatori
  • Pokemon Adventures: black & white, 1 / Hidenori Kusaka & Satoshi Yamamoto
  • Pokemon Giratina & the Sky Warrior / Makoto Hijioka 
  • Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl Adventure, 7 / Shigekatsu Ihara
  • Popcorn Romance / Tomoko Taniguchi
  • Portrait of M & N, 1-2, 4 / Tachibana Higuchi
  • Portus / Jun Abe
  • Pretty Face, 1 / Yasuhiro Kano
  • Prince of Tennis, 1, 2-10 / Takeshi Konomi
  • Prophecy, 1-3 / Tetsuya TsuTsui
  • Punch, 1-3 / Rie Takada
  • Quantum Mistake (AKA Change Guy), 1 / Sohn Eun Ho & Choi Myun Su
  • Queens, 1-2 / Sung-Hyen Ha
  • Q-Ko Chan, 1/ Hajime Ueda
  • QQ Sweeper, 1-3 / Kyousuke Motomi
  • Queens Quality, 1 / Kyousuke Motomi
  • Qwan, 1-4 / Aki Shimizu
  • Qwaser of Stigmata, 1 / Kenetsu Sato
  • Ra-i / Sanami Matoh

I’m actually a little ahead of myself! I’ve already read Platinum Garden and Ra-I… but, I’m not sure what else I want to read from this shelf this month. I’ve heard mixed things about Prophecy, so there’s a good chance I’ll want to check that out. And, I’m very excited to see the direction that QQ Sweeper takes in its sequel, Queens Quality

Have you read any of the manga on Shelf #40?

Which manga are on your TBR this month?

Check out my video tour of this shelf on YouTube:

*note: the wrap-up for shelf #3 is forthcoming. I’ve been sick with a cold – which makes it difficult to speak without coughing. I’m waiting until I am well enough to film videos so that I can co-ordinate posting my blog with that video.

7 thoughts on “Manga TBR Shelf #40 | from Pi to Ra

  1. i love your collection! ohh wow! do you have a post on manga you’d recommend for people just getting into manga? and i adore the fishbowl of orgami idea, ill have to check out the youtube channel.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve read/own a few of these. Please Save My Earth is one of my favorite manga of all time. I wish the sequels could be licensed! And Prince of Tennis’ translation is horrible. I wish Viz hadn’t tried to age it down (read: dumb it down). Such a mess.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wasn’t aware of sequels to Please Save My Earth! But, I agree… We do need more!!
      I’ll probably be reading some Prince of Tennis over the month, I’ll definitely keep the translation in mind when I do. One of my biggest pet peeves is when translations are dumbed-down!

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