New Year… Same Old, Same Old

Hi Kids. So, I’m back again! I’ve taken a long hiatus during the dreaded 2020. Like many people, I checked out in the early days of Covid. But, then I realized that I wanted to do some other things with my time besides reading, shopping, and talking about reading and shopping. And, when better than being stuck inside all day every day, because of a global pandemic, did I have to do those things? Never. That’s when.

So, about 9 months later, I’ve still probably only left my house about 20 times. I like introverting. So, apart from not being able to see my parents at Christmas, I’ve enjoyed being squirreled away in my room doing what I like, and not talking to anyone.

However, I know this can’t last forever – and I have to, once again, join the world of the living. So, I’ve decided to make my grand comeback to the internet. I’ve got a few goals/plans, and other ideas about how the year’s going to go. And, at the very least it should be a lot more of the same until we’ve been given free reign to move about in public as we like. I probably will still be wearing a mask in public though… but actually I had been for some years before 2020. That’s allergies for you… stupid vape users!

Anyways… goals, plans and things.

  1. Read less.
  2. Buy less.
  3. Do less.

And, I think in light of these goals as my framework, I’ve come up with just a few achievable plans for the year:

I’m trying to keep things pretty loose, and pretty easy for the year. And also, give myself flexibility to do what I want. There are a few other things that I’m planning to do in the year that I don’t mention in the video. The one that’s relevant to this blog though, is that I hope to post here on this blog at least as often as I post to YouTube. My hope is to post something to correspond to every video I publish (weekly), and maybe a bit more.

We can only guess if this is going to be achievable in 2021. After the catastrophe of last year, I don’t think any of us can say for certain that something will or will not happen. Let’s just hope that it’s a much better year (by far) to anything we’ve experienced in a long long time!

Happy New Year!

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