12 (Not Comic) Books to Read in 2021

I’m trying to get this blog going by just posting content that duplicates what I have going up on YouTube. But, since I’ve taken such a long break from making videos, in January I am still in the business of resetting my intentions, plans, video series, etc. So, here is yet another TBR (to be read) list. I promise, other content is forthcoming!

Not only do I enjoy reading comics, and manga, I also really enjoy reading prose. So, I do have a plan to pick up some titles this year. This is a list of titles that have been languishing on my shelves for years. What is it about books, that turns them invisible as soon as they land on your shelf?

My plan for the year is to pick up titles that I already own… and have owned for far too long. My other plan is to create quarterly prose TBRs. I will be picking two nonfiction titles, and two novels every quarter to read. One of the novels will come from this list. I, of course, hope to read more than four off of this list in the year, but I wanted to give myself a starting point. It’s all about not putting too much pressure on yourself…while living through a pandemic.

I am hoping to write individual reviews for any prose that I read here on this blog. I don’t know that my taste in novels really corresponds to the fact that I almost exclusively read manga. If you share my tastes in novels and manga, you sir, may be my new best friend! ha.

So, what am I hoping to read?

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