Book Review Policy

I am currently accepting titles for review consideration. Please read the following book review policy:


I accept review copies of:

  • Manga (English translations only): Any topic. Any age. Any format (I do not own an eReader. Preference is given to print copy).
  • Comic books and graphic novels: Any topics. Any age. Print copy formats only.
  • Non-fiction books on (or related to) the following topics: comic books, graphic novels, manga. Print copy formats only.

If you are interested in sending me a review copy, please contact me by email:


My review:

When available, my review will contain the book’s details, including: cover art, title, volume number(s), author(s), translator(s), publisher, copyright date, and ISBN. I may also share genre and age suitability when appropriate.

I will include a brief summary of the book, and may add author information.

I may choose to share photographs of several pages of the book to showcase the book’s format and layout, to discuss the artist’s illustration style or to highlight my arguments in general.

I rate books using a 5 star system. My average rating is 3/5 stars.

Reviews are posted on my blog (, and sometimes on GoodReads ( if appropriate.  If you would like reviews posted anywhere else, I will try to accommodate your request. I also try to spotlight new books through other features on my blog, and my YouTube channel (



I do not currently review self-published works.

I will consider any offers from authors and publishers.  I do not accept compensation of any kind for reviews.

My reviews are my personal and honest opinion of the work. I do not guarantee that I will write a positive review.

I attempt to read and review every book that I receive. I do not guarantee to read and review every book that I receive.

I do not guarantee to share or promote unsolicited materials.





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*I don’t check my mailbox regularly. To prevent unclaimed packages from being returned to you, please let me know if I should be expecting a package.