You could win up to 10 volumes of manga!

After collecting manga for years I have acquired a good amount of duplicates. I’ve got just over 100 volumes of duplicates which I am making available for this giveaway!


Which manga titles and volumes do I have duplicates of? Guess – and win!!

This will be a bit of work on your part — but, I think it will be worthwhile!!

Look at your own collection and pick some series or volumes that you’re looking for to complete your collection (or that you want to start collecting).

Try to match the details of those series/volumes, to the “details of available manga” provided at the bottom of this page. I’ve listed the physical details of all 100+ volumes of manga excluding the titles and authors.

Fill out the form. Submit your entry of 5 series titles (and as many volumes as you want from each series) before February 18, 2018 (11:59PM MST).

The person with the most matches will win up to 10 of the volumes of manga that they’ve guessed in their entry. In the event that the first winner does not win the full 10 volumes of manga, additional entries will be accepted until the remaining manga is awarded or there are no remaining matching entries.


Before you enter, please read the RULES & Disclaimers and DETAILS of Available Manga below. 

Entry Form:


RULES & Disclaimers:

  1. Contest is open internationally to countries and locations that my country currently ships to.
  2. Open to subscribers 18 years or older or, over the age of 13 and have a guardian’s permission to enter.
  3. Most manga are printed with suggested appropriate age rating. This will be taken into consideration for winning participants. I will not intentionally award “adult” intended manga to underage participants.
  4. There may be up to 5 winners. Winners have a chance to win a collective total of a maximum of 10 volumes of secondhand manga. You will only be entered once into this contest.
  5. In the event that there are no winners. This contest will be re-posted.
  6. *Contest closes February 18, 2018 11:59PM MST.* Any submissions after this time will not be accepted.
  7. Contest entries will be evaluated for matches to the pool of 100+ manga made available to this contest. The maximum number of matches taken into consideration is 5 (1 match per series title). The entry with the most matches will be the first winner of the manga (of up to 10 volumes). In the event that the first winner does not win 10 volume of manga, up to 5 additional entries will be accepted until the remaining manga is awarded or there are no remaining matching entries. In the event that there are multiple entries with the same number of matches, the winning recipient will be randomly chosen via physical draw. [I will not film/post video footage of the drawing.]
  8. Entries must provide shipping details. Prizes will be automatically mailed to the address provided.
  9. I reserve the right to disqualify any applicants for any reason without notification.
  10. I am not to be held liable for any items lost or damaged in the mail.
  11. You are playing to win secondhand manga. Manga is in used (very good to like new) condition.
  12. Prizes will be shipped using the cheapest means available to me. This means I cannot guarantee tracking or fast delivery.
  13. YouTube is not a sponsor of this contest. Participants must agree to release YouTube from any and all liability related to this contest.
  14. Entering this contest means you are agreeing to all terms above.


DETAILS of Available Manga:

These are the details of the 100+ volumes of duplicate manga in my collection that I am making available for this contest. These are the the manga that you are trying to match and win. Please consider this list carefully before submitting your entry.


Available Volumes: 

  • 2-15, 19, 23-24, 26-27, 34

*available manga are part of series only. There are no single-volume/self-contained/single issue/or 1-shot volumes of manga available for this contest.


Available Demographics:

  • Shounen, Seinen, Shoujo, Josei

*There are no kodomo-muke, gekiga, alternative, yaoi or yuri titles available for this contest.


Available Publishers and Their Imprints:

  • ComicsOne
  • TokyoPop
    • Mixx
  • CMX
  • Kodansha
  • Del Rey
  • Viz Media
    • SIG
    • Shojo Beat
    • Shonen Jump
    • Shonen Jump Advanced
    • Pulp
    • Editor’s Choice
    • Shojo
    • Action
  • Darkhorse
  • Yen Press
  • Vertical


Available by English-Language Publication Copyright Dates:

  • 1998-1999, 2001-2016

*These are the release dates for the first print edition of each available volume of manga.


Available Sizes:

  • Small: approximately 11.4 x 17.1 cm
  • Medium: approximately 12.7 x 19 cm
  • Large: approximately 14.5 x 20.6 cm

*Sizes vary slightly.

*Please watch the announcement video below for a visual size comparison.


Available Titles (as used by English-language Publishers) Beginning With the Following Letters:




  • All available manga are in English only
  • If you request by the Japanese title, I’m going to assume you’re looking for the Japanese edition.
  • Some series have multiple volumes available.
  • There are out of print volumes available.
  • There are omnibus volumes available.
  • There are no extra-large volumes (bigger than 15 X 21 cm) available.
  • There are no hardcover volumes available.
  • There are no full-colour volumes available. All titles are black and white.
  • There are no “single-issue” format volumes available.
  • Any title/author mentioned in the announcement video below are not available.
  • Please indicate on the form the size, publisher or date if you are looking for a specific edition.



Please watch my video for more information: