Manga Reading Challenge 2020

It’s time to reset for 2020. Here’s the new and revised list of prompts for the year.

Want to play along? Find the rules (and a printable PDF) at the bottom of this page!


  1. A battle manga
  2. A horror manga
  3. A comedy manga
  4. A romance manga
  5. A 4-koma manga (This is a specific comedy format. 4-panels are stacked on top of each other reminiscent of comic strips)
  6. A historical manga
  7. A martial arts manga
  8. A sports manga
  9. A foodie manga
  10. A mecha manga
  11. A josei manga (This is a manga that was specifically marketed to an adult female audience)
  12. An out-of-print manga
  13. A hyped manga
  14. A gekiga or alternative manga (Any title that doesn’t fit into the mainstream of manga would work for this one.)
  15. A nonfiction manga
  16. A borrowed manga
  17. A manga featuring manga (or other otaku culture)
  18. A cyberpunk manga (This is a subgenre of science fiction. It is often characterized by a world that is largely controlled by computer technology.)
  19. A manga set in space
  20. An isekai manga (A manga where a character is transported into another world)
  21. A contemporary/slice-of-life manga
  22. A thriller or mystery manga
  23. An OEL “manga” (OEL stands for Original English Language. Any “manga” or manga-inspired comic book or graphic novel that wasn’t written in Japanese would work for this challenge.)
  24. A digital only/or digital-first release manga (This refers to legally licensed digital releases available through the English publisher. Please do not read scans for this challenge.)
  25. A translated manga where the title is the same in English as it was in the original Japanese.
  26. A manga that features a character with a disability
  27. A manga that features a transforming character
  28. A manga that features siblings
  29. A manga that features music or art
  30. A manga that features a character with super-powers
  31. A manga that features an animal companion
  32. A manga that features gods or monsters
  33. A manga that features a female main character
  34. A manga that features an LGBT+ character (Bonus: written by an LGBT+ author or artist)
  35. A manga set in a country outside of Japan
  36. A manga that you’ve owned for over a year
  37. A manga that is older than you
  38. A manga by 2+ authors
  39. A manga with a 1-word title
  40. A manga with a number in the title (Note: Japanese numbers count!)
  41. A manga over 500 pages
  42. A manga recommended to you
  43. A manga from a genre you rarely/never read from
  44. A new to you author
  45. A collection of short stories
  46. A hardcover release
  47. The first volume in a series that began releasing in 2019.
  48. An award winner
  49. A manhwa/manhua
  50. Catch-up on or complete a series
  51. A comic/graphic novel from another country (Manga only represents Japan’s comic book traditions. Don’t forget to check out the great work coming out of other countries!)
  52. Your favourite manga


Want to play, too?  



  • Change the challenges to work for you
  • Choose the challenges you want to complete
  • Read 1 book to satisfy multiple challenges if you want to
  • Read other formats of books (you don’t have to only read manga)!

Really just participate how what you want. The only thing I ask is that you don’t read scanlations for these challenges. Let’s protect the industry we love by choosing not to participate in illegal and damaging behaviours.

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #readmanga20 when you share your progress on social media!