#MangaMonday Expired Themes

January 8 : Meta-Manga Manga.

71NgzWH7-bLMeta-Manga refers to manga that are about manga. Recommend some titles that feature manga (or other aspects of Japanese popular culture) in some way.

January 22: Short Shōnen Manga.

5183568196_c36c5d0621_bTypically Shōnen manga are thought of as being super long battle series with 20+ volumes, but there’s a lot more to shōnen manga than this. Recommend some shōnen titles that don’t take a lot of time and financial commitment to read! 

February 12: Valentine’s Day Manga.

12898-illustration-of-colorful-hearts-pvTalk about your favourite romance manga, your favourite couples, your favourite Valentine’s day scenes… or a great manga to read if you’re single on Valentine’s Day. Recommend some titles to read on Valentine’s Day!

February 26: Playing Games in Manga.

game-1926905_960_720Gaming (like cards, or video games) is a popular topic in manga. Recommend manga that feature games! [note, you can include “sports” as well, but I am planning to use “sports manga” as a future topic.]

March 12: Manhwa

Korean_flag_1944_United_States_stamp_detailThat’s not manga! Manhwa are comics that were written in Korea. Due to the similar art-style and themes, these comics are often confused for Japanese manga. Since the Winter Olympics are being hosted in South Korea this year (Feb 9-25) I thought it would be nice to highlight some of the works coming out of that country! Let’s talk about manhwa! 

March 26: Mystery Manga

sherlock-holmes-147255_1280It’s a mystery! Recommend your favourite thrillers, detective stories, or whodunits!

April 9: Extraterrestrial Manga

ufo-2693877_1920Aliens are invading your manga! They may be scary, dangerous creatures, they could be cute and harmless champions of love, or they may even be disguised as regular human beings. Although, they are most often found in the pages of science fiction stories, aliens are a prevalent motif in many genres of Japanese comic books. Recommend titles with your favourite aliens!