#MangaMonday Expired Themes

January 8 : Meta-Manga Manga.

71NgzWH7-bLMeta-Manga refers to manga that are about manga. Recommend some titles that feature manga (or other aspects of Japanese popular culture) in some way.

January 22: Short Shōnen Manga.

5183568196_c36c5d0621_bTypically Shōnen manga are thought of as being super long battle series with 20+ volumes, but there’s a lot more to shōnen manga than this. Recommend some shōnen titles that don’t take a lot of time and financial commitment to read! 

February 12: Valentine’s Day Manga.

12898-illustration-of-colorful-hearts-pvTalk about your favourite romance manga, your favourite couples, your favourite Valentine’s day scenes… or a great manga to read if you’re single on Valentine’s Day. Recommend some titles to read on Valentine’s Day!