#MangaMonday Recommendations

What is #MangaMonday Recommendations?

#MangaMonday Recommendations is an opportunity for fans of manga to share their favourite series on a biweekly basis as part of a community of readers. Below is a schedule and list of topics which you can use to recommend manga on your own social media channels.

Who can participate?

Participation is open to anyone who wants to talk about manga on their social media platform: YouTube, blogging, Instagram…wherever you spend time online.

When can I post topics?

Everyone will be posting recommendations for the same topics on the same dates. The dates are currently every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month. You only need to participate in the topics and dates that work for you.

Where do I get the topics?

Topics will be posted here (below) at least 1 month in advance to give you opportunity to put together your content. The list of topics is curated by Laura (Manga Hoarder) for use by everyone. If you would like to see a specific topic, please make recommendations below.

Note: Not all recommendations will be accepted, and some may be postponed until it fits in the schedule (for whatever reason).

Do I have to talk about manga?

No! These topics are generally created to help you discuss different topics in manga, but you are welcome to discuss any books, games, or movies that fit the topics. Talk about as many or as few titles in your post as you want (there is no limit).

Talk about anything you want, but please do not recommend manga that is only available through scanlations! Let’s protect the industry we love by choosing not to participate in (nor promote) illegal and damaging behaviours.


January 22: Short Shōnen Manga.

5183568196_c36c5d0621_bTypically Shōnen manga are thought of as being super long battle series with 20+ volumes, but there’s a lot more to shōnen manga than this. Recommend some shōnen titles that don’t take a lot of time and financial commitment to read! 

February 12: Valentine’s Day Manga.

12898-illustration-of-colorful-hearts-pvTalk about your favourite romance manga, your favourite couples, your favourite Valentine’s day scenes… or a great manga to read if you’re single on Valentine’s Day. Recommend some titles to read on Valentine’s Day!

February 26: Playing Games in Manga.

game-1926905_960_720Gaming (like with cards, or video games) is a popular topic in manga. Recommend manga that feature games! 

March 12: TBA

Send your recommendations for topics we could discuss as a group!


Note: this project expires at the end of 2018. If we have enough interest and participation we may continue it into 2019.