Graphic Novel Review: Cosplayers / by Dash Shaw


by Dash Shaw

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I originally rated this 2 out of 5 stars. But, now after a day to contemplate it… I’m changing it to 1 star.

Originally I thought I was just bored. But, after some contemplation I realize that I feel insulted.

Overall this illustrates over-and-over the pathetic lives of comic reading nerds (i.e. the very people who would read this book…) And, I feel like my fandom in general has been insulted. And, I in particular some of the experts in my field (who I highly respect) have been insulted.

Maybe this wasn’t intentional. But, what was that portrayal of a Tezuka “expert” anyways? I know who I associate with any character called a “Tezuka expert”. From the choice of cosplay characters, and original manga pasted in the comic, I’m thinking this author does too. It doesn’t sit well with me.