Manga Bingo Challenge + Giveaway | #mangareadathon 2018


You might remember that last year we made a bingo board for our reading challenges. We had fun with that bingo board, so we decided to keep it by combining it with another one of our challenges that we hosted last year, our Manga Treasure Hunt! This year we’re calling the challenge “manga bingo” AKA “mango” but the idea is the same.

To Enter This Giveaway:

  • Find pictures of the items listed in the mango board below in the manga you’re reading.
  • Take photographs of the items you find and share them on your social media (anywhere online as long as it is publicly visible). *Please DO NOT share pictures you’ve found in non-licensed publications or scanlations.
  • Share at least one item to enter this giveaway one time. Click HERE, to fill in the form.
  • Remember that when you share the pictures you MUST include the following information for any of the pictures you share to be eligible: name the item you’ve located (from the mango board), include the hashtag #mangabingo, the title of the book, and the author.

Ex. it may end up looking something like, this:


  • Try for a Mango Blackout! If you find all of the items in the board below, Click HERE to fill in the form AGAIN and your name will be entered in this giveaway 3 times. You need to submit this form twice for your blackout to be counted.
  • Read the Rules & Disclaimers carefully before you enter.



Some definitions:

  • Tatami: these are the traditional woven flooring panels used in houses
  • Miko: these are usually young shrine priestesses. They can be identified by their large red pants (hakama), large white shirt (haori), and are often holding a leafy tree branch (for performing purification rituals)
  • Pompadour: this is the classic hair style of gangster boys (or yankee) where their hair is twisted and pulled forward. It makes them look dangerous…
  • Geta: these are the traditional sandals (like flip-flops on stilts) worn with kimono or yukata (spring kimono)
  • Sailor Fuku: this is the style of school uniform that is often worn by Jr. High School girls (hint: where “Sailor” Moon gets her name)
  • Katana: this is a distinctly long and straight type of sword often used by samurai
  • Yokai: are Japanese spirits or monsters
  • Sensu: are folding fans used to cool oneself, to look sophisticated… and sometimes used as a weapon to defeat the enemy



ONE: A copy of Anne of Green Gables (novel) with illustrations by Maki Minami. A copy of Clover (manga) by CLAMP. Assorted Canadian and Japanese snacks.

TWO: A copy of Anne of Green Gables (novel) with illustrations by Maki Minami. A copy of Solanin (manga) by Inio Asano. Assorted Canadian and Japanese snacks.

*NOTE: manga copies may be previously used but are all in very good condition.

*Snacks may not be exactly as shown.


Rules & Disclaimers:

  1. Contest open internationally to countries and locations that my country currently ships to. You do not need to be participating in the manga readathon to enter.
  2. Open to subscribers 18 years or older or, over the age of 13 and have a guardian’s permission to enter.
  3. There will be 2 winners of this contest.
  4. You may enter up to 2 times in this contest (for a maximum of 3 chance to win this draw). Enter one time for participating. Enter a second time for completing a Bingo Blackout (finding ALL of the pictures in the mango board).
  5. Contest closes June 24, 2018 12pm MST (noon).
  6. Contest winner will be randomly chosen via draw. *Draw will be June 25, 2018*
  7. Contest winner must reply within 36 hours of notification with preferred shipping address or they will be disqualified.
  8. I reserve the right to disqualify any applicants for any reason without notification. (i.e. evidence of abusive, copyright infringement or illegal behavior)
  9. I am not to be held liable for any items lost or damaged in the mail. Manga awarded may be in very good/used condition.
  10. Prizes will be shipped using the cheapest means available to me. This means I cannot guarantee tracking or fast delivery.
  11. YouTube is not a sponsor of this contest. Participants must agree to release YouTube from any and all liability related to this contest.
  12. Entering this contest means you are agreeing to all terms above.


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