October TBR | I’m doing #Victober

I was reviewing my reading goals for the year and discovered I only need to read 4 more novels to achieve the 20 novels I wanted to read this year… I won’t tell you I’m nearly 150 volumes of manga behind my manga-reading goal… and 90 volumes behind my comic book goal… but, I’m so close to reading enough novels! And, if I complete my October TBR, I’ll complete this goal! Isn’t completing goals amazing?!

I decided to participate in the #victober readathon. It’s a month-long readathon focusing on Victorian literature. I’ve picked a few Victorian books to read… plus, I’m adding in a few Victorian-set manga… and just one extra book that I wanted to read this month.

Check out my TBR on my YouTube:

Know of any manga with a Victorian setting? Recommend them below – If I happen to have them… or, the public library does… I’d love to add them to my TBR.