Manga Reading Wrap-Up | Jan 2018

In an attempt to find some balance between YouTube and Blogging, I’ve decided to move my monthly wrap-ups here.

I have or will be talking about most of these books on either this blog or on my YouTube channel, so I’m not actually going to describe any of them in these “wrap-ups”. This is really just an attempt to keep track at least in part the titles that I’m reading throughout the month.

I’m arranging the books by my star rating. It’s not necessarily a useful way to share books since ratings really only mean something to the person making them. But, if you’re curious about how I decide ratings (it actually only applies to manga) I do have a video talking about that on my channel.


★★★★★ 5 Star Reads:




★★★★ 4 Star Reads:

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Books I Did Not Finish (DNF) | no. 1 | Jan 2018

I’ve talked a lot about the books that I finish reading in the month. But I never actually talk about the books I don’t. I’ve said in YouTube videos that I’m a huge user of my public library. Every month I check out dozens of new(ish) graphic novels and comic books to peruse. I’ll usually take them home (or bring them to work), read a chapter or two, and then if they don’t grab me, put them down.

I pick up too many books to read them all. But, I still want the opportunity to look at as many books (especially the art) as I possibly can. I love sequential art! Did I tell you that?!

I find that the few chapters I read are usually enough to inform me on the series. I don’t feel like I’ve wasted my time, and I get to do the thing that I love most… look at as much art as is humanly possible. The only real problem (and I have yet to solve it) is that books weigh so much. I hate the hassle of carrying them to-and-fro!

Anyways, here’re some of the titles I picked up this month that I didn’t read until the end, and WHY I chose not to.

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