Manga Review: Genshiken: Second Season by Shimoku Kio

Genshiken: Second Season, Vol. 1Genshiken: Second Season, Vol. 1

by Shimoku Kio

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Genshiken Second Season Volume 1 (or just Genshiken Volume 10)? I’m not otaku enough to know why this was released as “second season” — but I can assume it was to confuse fans into thinking that this was a new series and to buy it even if they didn’t have the first season.

It’s a new season — but all of the original characters are still there. They just don’t necessarily come to club meetings anymore. Except maybe Madarame-kun.

The new president, Ogiue has set out to find new members to join the club by doing the one thing that she knows how to do… draw. However, her drawing style, brings in a certain kind of otaku… the fujoshi (girls who love yaoi/aka gay-manga). On top of everything, one of the new members is just too pretty to be a girl!

It’s a fun series, and continues to please. I didn’t relate much to the fujoshi fangirl, so to me it’s not as comfortable as previous volumes. And some of my favourite characters take a back seat. It could just be the fact that so many new characters have been introduced, and a few of them don’t have a unique enough personality for me. I hope this is just growing pains.

Ogiue continues to charm as the classic tsundere character — and I’m so happy with Sally. I’ve read A LOT of manga in my time… and this is one of the best characterizations of an American otaku I’ve read. Usually Americans are “weird”, but Sally is weird with purpose. I’m really pleased about this!

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