Manga Review: Princess Prince by Tomoko Taniguchi

Princess PrincePrincess Prince

by Tomoko Taniguchi

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I love Taniguchi’s other series which usually involve a sweet/doe-eyed girl falling in-love with a relatively cute “metal-head”. The stories are sweet to a fault — and I love that!

This story too is beyond sweet and has the same style of pacing and art. But has the fantasy element of magical kingdoms, angel-birds, and prophecies.

I bought this without reading the synopsis and I probably should have. All I was thinking is that I own all her other works, and I found this volume for a decent price online. It completes my collection of Taniguchi in-English.

I gave it a fairly low rating, which I wasn’t expecting to have to do. This story was ordered in a peculiar way (was this taniguchi, or the English editor?). The side stories and other short stories were splayed intermittent between the main “Princess Prince” chapters. Usually this stuff is collected and put at the end of a volume, which works much better. Also, I frankly just miss the metal heads…

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