Manga Review: Girl Got Game by Shizuru Seino

Girl Got Game, Vol. 10Girl Got Game, Vol. 10

by Shizuru Seino

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is a fun romantic comedy series in the same vein as Hana Kimi, (seriously if you liked this one, go read Hana Kimi. I think it’s far superior to this one). It’s a fun and short series. It seems like 10 volumes might be a lot, but if you ignore all of the omake at the end of each volume, you could probably condense the series to about 6 full volumes.

Generally I like this series. And because it is a quick read, I pick it up often. There are a few things that bug me about it. First, the title. Sometimes I have to question the judgment of English translation when they completely ruin a name like this. The original name is in English, and significantly less corny than “Girl Got Game”. Who made this decision? You should be ashamed of yourself!

Second, I hate the ending. The series goes from a fun romantic sports-comedy to weird fantasy-comedy (think One Piece) in the last chapter. It’s irritating because it completely changes the flow of the story and takes away that feeling of closure that would have come had they just ended it after Aizawa’s big basketball battle with her teammates. There was no reason to add-in characters which had not made an appearance before… and to turn them into super-hero basketball characters. It was weird. And annoying.

I always save all of the omake (after stories), which I always enjoy, to read after I’ve read through the main story. It helps takes away some of the sting that I get from this final volume. That being said, I still will read this series a dozen times more. It really is cute, and a lot of fun!

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