Manga Review: High School Girls by Oshima Towa

High School Girls: Volume 9High School Girls: Volume 9

by Oshima Towa

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is better than the previous two volumes. In volumes 7-8 I felt like Ohshima was being pressured by her editors to really focus the manga on her male readers and punch up the fan service. In this volume she has toned it down and is working with much fresher material.

The ‘school trip’ is the focus in volume 9. A theme which is generally used as a device to break in a longer story arc or for the two main characters to discuss ‘their feelings’. I think she successfully works with the material she has here and is her crazy, ridiculous self.

I’ve heard talk that Ohshima only claims that this manga is inspired by her life experience, but it couldn’t be true; and to those people I would like to say that I have never read a manga that was more nostalgic…the characters…the situations…Oh, wait! I was trying to forget all that.

Anyways, most people won’t understand the comedy… but if you’re kinda warped and idiotic; this is the series for you. heh.

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