Manga Review: Translucent by Kazuhiro Okamoto

Translucent, Volume 1Translucent, Volume 1

by Kazuhiro Okamoto

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nobody ever pays any attention to little introverted Shizuka Shiroyama. Maybe this is be because she’s so shy; or maybe because she is LITERALLY blending into her surroundings. She has Translucent syndrome; a harmless enough disease, except that it causes a person to become completely translucent. Now Shizuka must learn how to deal with her disease and not let it affect her following her dreams; it will be difficult — but she’ll have the support of some important friends.

This is a sensitive, thoughtful and quirky drama on the life of a young teenage girl who is dealing with a difficult disease. The disease may be made-up and seem silly at first, but once you begin reading this story you will forget the silliness and realize that like any its just another obstacle one must overcome. That appearance and/or ‘lack of appearance’ is important to people; and especially at that awkward stage in life. Occasionally the art is a bit inconsistent – but the story is so beautiful that it helps to hide most of the blemishes.

I highly recommend this series.

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