Novel Review: Gidget by Frederick Kohner

Gidget (Gidget series, #1)Gidget

by Frederick Kohner

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My sister and I love the movie… you know the real corny 1959 film starring Sandra Dee & James Darren. [p.s. who doesn’t love a little James Darren? Cute & has a delicious voice!] I think it’s great because it’s so corny. I decided that it was time to finally read the novel that the movie was “loosely” based on. The story was charming and simple and so much fun to read. Plus it was ridiculously short, it only took me about an hour to finish.

All of the characters were so different from the film that it was such a surprise. I love it when books or films deliver a new perspective or plot from each other. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy the story on a much broader scale. Fun!

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