Graphic Novel Review: Moose by Max de Radiguès


by Max de Radiguès

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The art was fair (no complaints).
The plot has potential. It doesn’t go very far or deep, but this is hardly surprising when you consider the length of the book.

The characters are unfortunately, “stock”.

1: The mindless bully who has no purpose in life except to pick on
2. the weak and simpering kid who just turns over and takes it.
And then there are
3. the friends and people around who can see what’s going on and do nothing to interfere.

Yes, some of the episodes of bullying were uncomfortable to read, but without any depth or value to the characters themselves, I just didn’t care. Not about the bullying, nor the “moral” dilemma at the end.

What kept coming to mind while reading this was, “I wonder if the author is enjoying drawing these bullying scenes…” Because, in such a short book, there’s a lot of them.

I liked the moose.

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