Graphic Novel Review: Through the Woods by Emily Carroll

Through the WoodsThrough the Woods

by Emily Carroll

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is storytelling with the flavour of folk tales. There’s something under the surface that feels somewhat poetic, but also leaves the stories feeling somewhat incomplete. The incompleteness is magnified by the fact that the art is left to tell the ending in almost all of the stories. And as much as the art was beautiful it felt lacking as a finale.
The first story in this compilation was my favourite, and I became less enchanted with each subsequent tale. I think I was hoping of more of the first, with more of it’s quiet and unexplained creepiness rather than what turns into louder sillier stories by the end.
I’m currently on the fence as to whether I liked this or not. But, I’m certainly interested in picking up more titles by this author.

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