Non-Fiction Review: Writing About Art by Henry M. Sayre

Writing About ArtWriting About Art

by Henry M. Sayre

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

As this was intended for beginner students of art history, I can’t say this was exactly for me. I’ve been wanting a refresher on how to approach art, think about, and examine art. Though this did give some hints in that area, it was more focussed on the essay writing process… and I would say not so much for the serious student of art history, but more for the student of art appreciation. I would never have gotten away with the ephemeral approach of writing an essay purely on observation and feelings. If you’re a new student take this guide with a grain of salt. Every professor you have will expect a different approach to art writing, down to the fine points of how to make references. It’s almost always better to start by asking your professors what their expectations are.

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