Manga Review: Drunken Dreams and Other Stories / by Moto Hagio

A Drunken Dream and Other StoriesA Drunken Dream and Other Stories

by Moto Hagio

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was so fantastic! I’m not generally a fan of short stories, but these were so wonderfully created and curated. They generally follow themes of past regret or finding your place in your family. The stories varied quite a lot in form and genre, but were delivered with with a similar feel. The artwork was stunning, especially in the title comic. Those reds! Gorgeous!

I did think there were translation issues with one of the comics. But I may be interpreting the interpretation wrong.

I guess the only real problem with this title is that it is a collection. This would have been nice to read in singles. I can never allow myself that time to take a break when I’ve got a whole compilation of great stories staring at me. The best way to enjoy this would be to read a story and take some time to reflect on it.