Manga Review: Honey So Sweet / by Amu Meguro

Honey So Sweet, Vol. 1Honey So Sweet, Vol. 1

by Amu Meguro

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Unfortunately, the only redeeming quality is the pretty art. Megumi certainly has a nice sense of human proportions; and these are probably some of the best uses for screen tones I’ve seen in a while.

But, the story itself is completely forgettable. Megumi relies too heavily on the common trappings of shoujo manga, and forgets to fill the spaces between these common scenarios to make a complete or robust story. For example, half of the volume focuses on prepping for a school trip and the inevitable walk-thru-the-woods-test-of-courage but essentially doesn’t show anything else about the school trip experience. Seemed like a wasted opportunity to me. I won’t be buying more…