Novel Review: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Jane EyreJane Eyre

by Charlotte Brontë

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Last year I began reading Charlotte Bronte`s work with her novel, “The Professor“ and enjoyed it so much I decided that I’m going to try and read the rest of her novels year.

I actually picked up Jane Eyre thinking I was going to be reading the story Persuasion by Jane Austen. I didn’t realize until almost a 1/4 of the way through that I was reading Jane Eyre. It was pretty funny because the entire beginning of the book, I was thinking about how great it was, and how disappointed I was that it wasn’t in the movie (which I had watched recently). Now I know why…

I’m such an idiot!

Anyways, there isn’t a lot to say about this book that hasn’t been said before. What I liked best about this novel (apart from the witty dialogue, the passionate romance, and the intrigue) was how perfectly Charlotte Bronte was at capturing a personality; adapting it to both the child and later to the adult Jane Eyre. Often, I feel, the author seems to use the childhood or back story as a means to progress the story; but here it is simply used to capture the essence of a person. It’s sublime!

It has easily become one of my favourite novels — and I’m sure to be reading it again… and again…and again… Plus there’s a fairly extensive list of bibliographical resources that are mentioned in the novel — I hope to read a bunch of those as well.