Manga Review: Love Roma by Minoru Toyoda

Love Roma, Volume 1Love Roma, Volume 1

by Minoru Toyoda

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In the very first panel Hoshino confesses his love to Negishi. Hoshino who has a problem with being blunt has fallen in love with Negishi who has a problem with being honest. Between the two of them (and their friends in the peanut gallery) they create a most unusual high school romance.

This isn’t your usual manga, it features bold marker drawings, undefined character rendering, is void of screen tones (at least I haven’t noticed any) — a style reminiscent of some independent North American comics.

That being said, the comedic timing is fabulous! It is so quirky and unusual, that there is little chance of you getting bored. The story is sweet, and even though it can be a bit episodic at times, it follows through to a satisfying conclusion.

I highly recommend this manga series!