The Power Couples Book Tag

I was tagged by Raquel at RADIODDBOOKS about a month ago. Go and check out her answers to this tag. She’s also participating in my #ReadManga18 challenge, and I’ve been super excited following her progress!

This is technically a Valentine’s Day tag, so the questions are “couples” related. If romance is not your thing… umm… then this is going to be a disappointing read!

ONE. A couple that share big passions and goals

Naoki and Kotoko from Itazura na Kiss by Kaoru Tada. This is a classic shojo relationship featuring a dynamic couple with completely opposing personalities and skills. Ditzy Kotoko has fallen for the Genius Naoki. When Naoki realizes he might have a passion to pursue medicine, Kotoko pursues Naoki all the way to nursing school. Though they get into medicine difference ways, they end up finding a common passion, and a dream to work together after graduation.


TWO. A couple that love and respect each other

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Manga Review: Sweet Rein / by Sakura Tsukuba

Sweet Rein, Vol. 1Sweet Rein, Vol. 1

by Sakura Tsukuba

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This appears to be a typical Tsukuba story. Sweet, kind characters, Cute drawings, and a light airy fantasy.

I suspect the subject matter of a teenage Santa Clause and her transforming reindeer will strike Western audiences as strange (to say the least). I think we are used to seeing the traditions of this story manipulated, but not broken to the extent that this one does. But, this is the exact reason why I personally found this story enjoyable. There’s enough disassociation from the original stories that allowed me to “buy into” the fantasy — and enough elements remaining that the story was “fun” to read.

It is definitely going on my annual Christmas Reading list.