Graphic Novel Review: 750 Years in Paris / By Vincent Mahé

750 Years in Paris750 Years in Paris

by Vincent Mahé

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Gorgeous bold contrasting colour palette, that reminds me of vintage Eastern European Children’s book illustration. Who doesn’t love teals and orange together?!

This title follows 1 piece of infrastructure in Paris over the period of 750 years – following a seemingly accurate depiction of architectural history. It is essentially wordless, with a very brief timeline summary on the final page.

I enjoyed the colour and illustration — but, being a plotless and textless novel, I suspect is not something I’d pick up very often. Maybe would be good as a coffee-table book to flip through and enjoy at random.

You’ll probably enjoy this title if you also like: “Tokyo Sanpo”/”Tokyo on Foot” by Florent Chavouet or, “Here” by Richard McGuire.