Manga Review: Doubt!! by Kaneyoshi Izumi

Doubt!!, Vol. 1Doubt!!, Vol. 1

by Kaneyoshi Izumi

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ai Maekawa is tired of being plain and unpopular, and spends the entire summer between Jr. & Sr. high improving her outer appearance. At a new school, and with a completely new look she is instantly beautiful and popular and best friends with the two best boys in school. Although, as a former “jimi” she is still learning the “ropes” of what it means to be popular – resulting in a number of misguided incidents.

This isn’t my favourite series as it progresses, but I love how Kaneyoshi has written a complicated female lead having both the plain and the popular in her. She becomes an intense and unstable personality which I find both charming and entertaining.

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