Manga Review: Wild Act by Rie Takada

Wild Act, Volume 1Wild Act, Volume 1

by Rie Takada

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Yuniko the daughter of a famous movie star (who currently suffers from amnesia) is a thief. However, she only steals items that used to belong to the late movie star, Akira Nanae. On her most recent heist she must defeat an up-and-coming movie star Ryu Eba. Yuniko finds herself falling for the charming actor; even though she’s devoted her heart to the deceased Nanae.

Wild act is a menagerie of love triangles, scandal, action, adventure, intrigue and mistaken identities. The plot does get a bit convoluted or repetitive (like a Soap-Opera); but because of the cute and upbeat main character, it doesn’t get tiresome. Takada draws delightful characters and is never without ‘cool’ boys and ‘cute’ girls.

This is a relatively long series of 10 volumes, so if you’re still not sure if you should try it, I recommend starting with Takada’s 3 volume manga “Punch!”. It contains a completely different storyline, but contains Takada’s trademark comedy, and a plethora of ‘cool’ boys and ‘cute’ girls.

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