Manhwa Review: Little Queen by Yeon-Joo Kim

Little Queen, Volume 1Little Queen, Volume 1

by Yeon-Joo Kim

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Incomprehensible plot: I felt like I was reading every 3rd page (the flow and dialogue was that poor!)

Overly silly: In an attempt to be funny there is a constant recognition of the artist/character relationship. ie. the characters frequently comment on the artistic design or poor dialogue.. This is a common comedic device; but it was so over-used here that it was complete unsuccessful.

If this was actually an attempt at slap-stick nonsensical comedy, rather than a shoujo princess/academy fantasy type-story, I completely missed the point — and it still couldn’t be considered a successful attempt!

I don’t recommend this title.

However, if you’re interested in reading the slap-stick rediculous comedy-type try Excel Saga by Rikdo Koshi. OR, if you are interested in the fantasy/academy-type story try Fantamir by Jin S. Eun.

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