Manga Review: Pixie Pop by Ema Toyama

Pixie Pop: Gokkun Pucho, Vol. 1Pixie Pop: Gokkun Pucho, Vol. 1

by Ema Tōyama

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Mayu, while drowning her sorrows in soda pop accidentally drinks a special concoction that belongs to Pucchou — a drink fairy. This special ‘magical’ drink was supposed to turn Pucchou into an adult. Now whenever Mayu drinks something, she transforms. Pucchou, heartbroken that she can never grow up, and Mayu, heartbroken that the boy of her dreams has rejected her, team-up to realize their dreams together.

This story is only 3 volumes long, which is the perfect length to create believable characters while also avoiding the repetitive nature that is usual in magical girl stories. The characters are all exceptionally cute, and the art style is clear and consistent. With few characters, this story is well crafted. It has a lovely upbeat ending and doesn’t leave any unanswered questions. I would definitely recommend this series to tween-aged manga-readers.

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