Manga Review: Suihelibe! by Naomi Azuma

Suihelibe! Vol. 01Suihelibe! Vol. 01

by Naomi Azuma

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is volume 1 of a short 2 tankoubon series. Though it doesn’t have anything to do with Chemistry (as the name implies) it does have to do with a school Biology club. The club president meets an alien girl who transfers to his school on a research abroad assignment to capture animals that escaped from her planet. Together they must find 3 other members or their club will be disbanded —
It has elements of 80s style shoujo drawing in it; which is weird (even if it is only to emphasize comedic moments). The art is fairly average, and there aren’t any real moments of tension or concern which makes it a quick and light read. I would recommend this comic — but it would probably suit a tween audience the most.

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