Manga Review: Scandalous Seiryo University by Kazuto Tatsukawa

Scandalous Seiryo University, Volume 01Scandalous Seiryo University, Volume 01

by Kazuto Tatsukawa

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A compilation manga with three separate stories: The first about the notorious student body president and the naive new student; The Second about two second-cousins — one of which is cute and frequently mistaken for a girl; and The last story is about an art student and his teacher.

It is more sexually explicit than other yaoi titles I’ve read, and the art style is unusual for this genre (one would normally find it in an action adventure story). However, I did find that the relationships between the characters had a bit more depth than is typical for a compilation.

Due to the explicit nature of the content, I probably wouldn’t recommend this title to anyone. But, If you like reading yaoi manga and aren’t offended by the sexual content, you’ll probably enjoy this series.

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