Valentine’s Day Manga #MangaMonday Recommendations

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

This week’s #MangaMonday Recommendations topic is about Valentine’s day, I of course could do nothing else but recommend *shōjo manga. I’m following up from last week where I recommended short shōnen manga, by including short shōjo series in this post!

Besides being extra short, these series also feature the cutest pure-love-type boy-girl relationships. Whether you’re in love, or not, these series are sure to make your heart go doki doki!

Several of these titles are out of print, so might be a bit harder to locate. But, since they are short, shouldn’t take much to complete!


The Heiress and the Chauffeur, volume 1-2 by Keiko Ishihara

Set in Taisho era Japan, an heiress and her servant must never cross the boundaries of their station in life. They can never touch. And they certainly can never fall in love! Continue reading

Manga Review: Wild Act by Rie Takada

Wild Act, Volume 1Wild Act, Volume 1

by Rie Takada

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Yuniko the daughter of a famous movie star (who currently suffers from amnesia) is a thief. However, she only steals items that used to belong to the late movie star, Akira Nanae. On her most recent heist she must defeat an up-and-coming movie star Ryu Eba. Yuniko finds herself falling for the charming actor; even though she’s devoted her heart to the deceased Nanae.

Wild act is a menagerie of love triangles, scandal, action, adventure, intrigue and mistaken identities. The plot does get a bit convoluted or repetitive (like a Soap-Opera); but because of the cute and upbeat main character, it doesn’t get tiresome. Takada draws delightful characters and is never without ‘cool’ boys and ‘cute’ girls.

This is a relatively long series of 10 volumes, so if you’re still not sure if you should try it, I recommend starting with Takada’s 3 volume manga “Punch!”. It contains a completely different storyline, but contains Takada’s trademark comedy, and a plethora of ‘cool’ boys and ‘cute’ girls.